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  Name: Jason N Staples
  Location: Greenville SC

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  Truck Specs

  Make: 2004 Traxxas
  Model: Nitro Rustler

  CF* Front shock tower
  CF* Rear shock tower
  CF* Upper chassis
  RPM Front bumper

  RPM Front A-Arms
  PRM Rear A-Arms
  RC-Parts Springs (Yellow)
  RC-Parts Bellcranks

  18T Clutch Bell
  72T Spur Gear
  CVEC Tuned Pipe
  Trinity Fuel filter
  MotorSaver Air filter
  Duratrax Evader ST Purple   Alum. Shocks

  Venom failsafe
  HiTEC HS-645MG servo

  Proline Dirt Hawg II
  HPI V-Groove

  RPM Slingshot Wheels
    (4) Chrome
    (4) Golden yellow

  Proline F150 Stampede
  Protoform Dodge Stratus
  HPI Saleen Mustang

  'Pede rear body mount
  Radio Shack Project boxt
  Bocca Bearings
  Kimbrough Servo saver
  30/40wt shock oil

  *CF: Carbon Fiber
   from RD Racing

  Blue Thunder Fuel


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Saturday, December 18, 2004

OK, I've been away a bit

Well, Just thought I'd revive this ol' thing. I blew the dust off the garage and removed some accumulated cobwebs to say --- I'm Baaaaack!

LOL. Anyway, I found a great place to hhost some pics for me, since putting pictures up is about half the reason I'm blogging. Shocker isn't it!

Here's a picture of my newest modification . . . a Dodge Ram body!

Neat, eh? The purple color is really stunning and turned out better than I thought it would.

Now, since it is nearing christmas time, I thought I'd go into a few things I ordered for Christmas so far. Yeppers more modifications to the truck LOL! for starters:

Purple Aluminum shocks (front and rear) --by Duratrax
Hobbico Precision tool set

RPM CLaws Wheels (dyeable)
Golden yellow Rit Dye
Imex Claw Dawg Tires

Will see deepending on what Julie will allow me to get :D

Thats all for now, Have a Merry Christmas !


Monday, October 18, 2004

Back to running.

Its Monday, looking out the window it looks a bit overcast and gloomy. Anyway, the weekend was good after a few snags, I finally Installed thaat new electronic steering servo and It works quite well actually :) impressive! I also replaced the reciever box to better protect the reciever and make it harder for me oi snip the precious electronics wires. As soon as the weather looks more favorable, I will shoot a few new pics.

For anyone who reads this by wandering over from Julies blog . . . I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog despite the fact that it isn't as interesting as hers or SR's.

Fially a small note to all friends that read this; sadly, to this point, I still havn't found a job yet but God has been both gracious and providential in that we are all doing well during this trying time. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

You came back!

Well here I am posting again. Just thought I'd properly start out this blog with a nice picture of my remote control Nitro (gas) powered stadium truck. That is what the theme is so isn't it fitting to start out with a nice picture..

Hummmm. . .what should my next upgrade be? I was thinking of another lexan body to go with the others I have -- as I really enjoy painting and personalizing the plastic bodies to give a new look to my truck . . . but alas, I have to wait.

No matter, currently I'm waiting (hummm, why all the waiting?) for the new Hitec servo I recently ordered to replace the stock servo that I ruined. Careless me cut the connector end off of the servo wire renduring the servo destroyed!. Doh!

Maybe it'll arrive by UPS tomorrow. I guess I'll have to see.

Waiting . . .


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How this started.

Hmmmmm. . . where to begin. WelL, my sweet and thoughtful (though sometimes a little . . . unwell) wifey Julie -- BTW, I say a little unwell :) in a joking manner in that she started a blog for Scott Reilly aka: Shadow Fox and well y' know he is a fictional superhero comic book character. Uh you can read his inner thoughs on his life -- uh scary;) LOL. Of course, he has a much more interesting life than me (yeah, right! ;) ) -- you can read about him here If you dare.

Fuuny eh? Thats my wacky wifey for ya :) Well, all this is to say that she thought I'd enjoy giving the internet a glimpse into my artistic, creative and inventive mind. So, she said, why don't you start a blog. And I said, Why? So others can see what I'm boring ol' me is like. . .Uh OK. . . and so here is my blog. . .

For those who desire to read this . . . and see what my likes, dislikes, and random musings are, then cool. I hope you enjoy . . . occasionally you'll see pics of my favorite things, paintings, and other sometimes humorus things. Including what this blogs theme happens to be about -- my remote controlled hobby quality nitro truck and its modifications. Well, I'll go into more about that as time goes on . . . Call it a teaser or the bait.

Hooked yet?

Thought so :)

Don't spend too much time in Mr Reilly's blog. . . reality won't look the same.

or are we all just a little . . . Unwell.