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  Name: Jason N Staples
  Location: Greenville SC

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  Make: 2004 Traxxas
  Model: Nitro Rustler

  CF* Front shock tower
  CF* Rear shock tower
  CF* Upper chassis
  RPM Front bumper

  RPM Front A-Arms
  PRM Rear A-Arms
  RC-Parts Springs (Yellow)
  RC-Parts Bellcranks

  18T Clutch Bell
  72T Spur Gear
  CVEC Tuned Pipe
  Trinity Fuel filter
  MotorSaver Air filter
  Duratrax Evader ST Purple   Alum. Shocks

  Venom failsafe
  HiTEC HS-645MG servo

  Proline Dirt Hawg II
  HPI V-Groove

  RPM Slingshot Wheels
    (4) Chrome
    (4) Golden yellow

  Proline F150 Stampede
  Protoform Dodge Stratus
  HPI Saleen Mustang

  'Pede rear body mount
  Radio Shack Project boxt
  Bocca Bearings
  Kimbrough Servo saver
  30/40wt shock oil

  *CF: Carbon Fiber
   from RD Racing

  Blue Thunder Fuel


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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How this started.

Hmmmmm. . . where to begin. WelL, my sweet and thoughtful (though sometimes a little . . . unwell) wifey Julie -- BTW, I say a little unwell :) in a joking manner in that she started a blog for Scott Reilly aka: Shadow Fox and well y' know he is a fictional superhero comic book character. Uh you can read his inner thoughs on his life -- uh scary;) LOL. Of course, he has a much more interesting life than me (yeah, right! ;) ) -- you can read about him here If you dare.

Fuuny eh? Thats my wacky wifey for ya :) Well, all this is to say that she thought I'd enjoy giving the internet a glimpse into my artistic, creative and inventive mind. So, she said, why don't you start a blog. And I said, Why? So others can see what I'm boring ol' me is like. . .Uh OK. . . and so here is my blog. . .

For those who desire to read this . . . and see what my likes, dislikes, and random musings are, then cool. I hope you enjoy . . . occasionally you'll see pics of my favorite things, paintings, and other sometimes humorus things. Including what this blogs theme happens to be about -- my remote controlled hobby quality nitro truck and its modifications. Well, I'll go into more about that as time goes on . . . Call it a teaser or the bait.

Hooked yet?

Thought so :)

Don't spend too much time in Mr Reilly's blog. . . reality won't look the same.

or are we all just a little . . . Unwell.



At October 13, 2004 at 11:47 AM, Blogger S.R. said...

Thank you for the link, Nitty. Though, I'm a little perplexed at this insistence you have that I'm fictional. I know it's tough to imagine some guy being a super hero, but believe it or not, here I am.
In any event, I've never done any RC car racing, so this should be interesting. I'll keep my eyes on you blog for further updates.



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